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Anime Review: Origin: Spirits of the Past

Anime Movie Review:

Origin: Spirits of the Past

The above video is the trailer to the movie, as well as the main theme of the movie. It’s also a good introduction to the movie itself.

So here I am! Months since my last post! Well with a renew energy for blogging I’m back! I’m going to try to review a new anime or movie or game weekly, so if your curious about the above anime then take a read and see what I have to say.


Now without spoiling it much I’m going to try to explain the plot. It’s a little weak at times. The basic idea behind the start of it is that some scientists wanted to create a tree that can live in even the harshest of clients so to decided to put them on the moon. Like any anime shit goes wrong and the trees take on their own agenda and well destroy EVERYTHING. With the moon exploded and the snake trees making it to earth and over running humans, nearly wiping them out, we cut to three-hundred years later… welcome to the earth reborn! Now humans and the forest have to live beside each other, and if you piss the forest off they take your water away. Great. There is also a city-state that wants to destroy the forest but luckily the hero’s village is called Neutral City and stops both sides from killing each other. Of course its a good idea to destroy the forest, most logical thing but. The forest can destroy the world? How? In comes the cutest thing to it. Zruids, which are essentially wood nymphs but in an anime term I guess. They kinda act as the supervisors of the forest and bla bla bla plot, which is never really explained.


So we have the basically three people who matter, and side characters. Theres Agito, the hero, Toola, the heroin from the past, and Shunack, the “bad guy”. Along with them you have Agito’s best friend Cale, whose sister (Minka) is in obvious love with Agito and says it quite often, their parents are part of the three people who found the Neutral City, along with Agito’s father. The three of them all have silver hair which means they were given power by the forest and become basically superhuman, but with a price.

Agito is actually a neat character to relate with. He’s got the best quality in him. although its shown later that he has a hard time controlling his anger when shit happens. He’s first to find the Heroin and shows us how heroic he can be by saving the day! Later he too becomes enhanced (when his hair turns silver and he gets super strong) which he uses to save his will be girlfriend.

Toola is the annoying heroine of the story. She starts out oblivious to the world coming out of a three-hundred year sleep. She strangely accepts the fact that she’s here, it’s almost too perfect. She spends time with Minka, who tells her that she’ll be the one to marry Agito and not her, and making friends with a few in her village. When suddenly the bad guy appears says one word and convinces her in three minuets that this world is bad and she can fix it! Well typical dumb bitch, thank you.

Shunack is another person from the past, but nothing is known about him. All you know was he was in the Neutral City for a while then goes to the war country.


Not much to say about it other than its AMAZING! As heard above that’s the main opening. The music in the movie is well picked and timed and everything about its good. It’s the one strong point of the movie.


For the most part the theme is obviously nature and how we should respect it but it also gives a feeling of how there’s a seed is us that needs to blossom. Watch it and interpret it for yourself.


Music is super good
The characters are remember-able
The interpretative has a nice meaning to it
The Artwork is amazing
The adorable nymphs!


Short, way to short
Plots kinda weak at times

Final thoughts:

Although I loved this movie, the plot at times seemed weird. This would have made an amazing 13 episode anime with more character development and a more solid plot.  I definitely recommend this movie and its a nice watch if you dont have a lot of time (its only roughly 95 mins long).

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.hack//Quantum information

An exciting new addition to the .hack universe is coming in the form of a 3 episode OVA. The apparent release date is later this month sometime. .hack//Quantum comes after the story of .hack//Link, the game released on the PSP. It stars three main characters, all girls, who play a game called “The World R:X” which is a newer version of “The World” but is now Portable (kind of like how .hack//Link was on the PSP). The three girls are high school students who all know each other in the real world. Asumi Aida, who is a cheerful and over all happy player. Her PC is named Sakuya, a twin blade class, and is a female version of Kite from the origenal .hack games her attitude in-game is the same as out of game. Her long time friend Eir Etou who is like any other long time friend in any anime, always watching the overly excited main character, her PC is named Mary, an Edge Punisher class, who’s character model is like BlackRose with longer hair and to make the connection even clearer she has a black rose in her hair as well. Then there’s the last girl, Iori Ikuta. Her PC is Tobias, a male Blade Brandier, who, like the other two, have a version of the PC Balmung from the original game.

As far as plots concerned all the preview and trailer have shown in its based around Christmas(around the time the OVA is coming out in Japan as well) where the group go to take on the “unbeatable” quest: “The One Sin.” Which is the quest Balmung and Orca did back in the day.

While watching the seven minuet preview you can see a lot of familiar PCs. Some of the PC character models I recognized are: Atoli’s, Kuhn’s, Aina’s (Who’s name in Quantum is Shamrock, she is the leader of the adventurer’s guild Yata Mirror.. hint hint..), Asta’s (she is one of the two PKers who showed Haseo the ropes in GU, then killed him), IYOTEN (he is the other PKer who showed Haseo the ropes then killed him), the last I could recognize is Piros the 3rd (Who’s Smith(also cooler) and second in command of Yata Mirror. He lets Shamrock ride on his shoulders.)

Since both the character models of Aina and Piros are different people who just have similar looking models I can only assume that all the other look alikes are also just the models and not the real player.

I can’t wait till the OVAs come out. I hope they bring it to America, which will also mean they’ll bring the PSP game .hack//Link. One can only hope.

I’ll include links to where I got the information and the screen shots, as well as the seven minutes preview.

Now its picture time!

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Minecraft Uproar!

Roughly a week ago i discovered the addicting craze known as Minecraft!

What is Minecraft?

People who are unfamiliar with the term will not have any idea what Minecraft is. Its a game where you appear into a randomly generated world, the main goal of the game is to just mine and craft your way to a larger civilization, not that anyone other then you will live in. Unless you include the monsters that roam the nights. I wont get into to much detail about the game though.

Where is Minecraft? Although occasionally the site will go down because of people trying to take it down. You can play it in the browser on the site but even better is to just download it then you can play it offline. You’ll have to buy it first if you want to play Alpha.

How much is Minecraft?

It’s not to expensive, roughly €9.95 and it is roughly $14 in America. That is the cost now, once the game leaves beta mode it’ll go to €20 Eros and roughly $30 so I recommend getting it while it’s still cheap!

Who made Minecraft?

It was made by a guy who goes by his online name: Notch. You can read more about him and his work on Minecraft at:

What can you do in Minecraft?

Depending on if you buy it or not, or if you play Single or Multi-player, depends on what you can do.  Survival mode is how it sounds, Survive. There isn’t to much of a difference between Classic, the free version, and Alpha. Classics a good way to go for anyone who wants to test the game but if you really want to get into the game I’d go Alpha. Not to mention with an update coming up soon you’ll be able to have a multi-player Survival!

The online multi-player game doesn’t require you to own it. You just play on a server someone made. In this mode you can build whatever you want because you are given unlimited blocks to build with. The biggest problem in this mode is when people “Grief” your things. What this means is people come by and delete it all, which can be a real hassle.

I wont get into all the details of the game, if you wanna know more I recommend just checking the game out.

Now a quick review on what I think of the game


This game has none of that, but at times the way the world is randomly generated can be breath taking and makes you want to explore even more. As you dig deeper and deeper into the mines you can encounter more breath taking features.


The game ranges from easy to hard mode depending on how you want to play your game. There is also a mode called “Peaceful” mode, which is exactly what it sounds like. This mode has no monsters to worry about, other then harmless slimes, and your health regenerates. This mode is good for people who don’t want to fight for their lives. After the difficultly the only other issues you may have is getting a good starting area. If there isn’t wood and coal near your spawn point its a good idea to just delete and restart the world.


They are simple but a game like this doesn’t need good high tech graphics. The simplistic ways to craft items and building can make some neat things, at the end of this I’ll include a few images I found of things people made in minecraft.


When the music does play it is really fitting, I believe the game has 3 or 4 music tracks but they fit well. The only problem is they don’t play often and you are mostly hearing the moans and groans of the monsters outside. Occasionally music will play at a weird time, like when you run into a whole bunch of Zombies and Spiders and then the normal tranquil music picks up. Its a bit unfitting.

Last Comments

The games been around for a while now, but recently has hit a huge spike in attention. I only got addicted when I played the online with my friends, which I’ll include a link to the server I play on, then I went to buy it. If your into a simplistic game that involves being underground most the time or trying to get enough iron ore to make into better things then this is the game for you.

Link to the server I use:

Images from Minecraft

All images, other then the panda, were found at this link:

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First Post

Hello welcome to my blog, in this blog I think I plan to do some reviews on a few things I  enjoy. It’ll be a mix of anime, video games, interesting things happening in the world or maybe some silly website I come across. That’s about it though >.>;